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About Mayotte

Mayotte was released to France with the Comores in 1843. It was the only island of the archipelago that, with a referendum of 1974 and of 1976 decided to keep political and economic relationships with France and to give the indipendence up (respectively with the 63,8% and the 99,4% of the votes). The Comores still ask to rule this island and it took, in 1976, to a sort of resolution of the United Nations to recognize the sovranity of the Comores on Mayotte. This proposal was supported by 11 members on 15; therefore France did not agree with this resolution as well as it occurred in 2004 once again.

The local people support the political choices of the mid 70's and the process towards the status of Department seems to be a forced option as all the results of the latest elections show.

With a referendum that obtained the 73% of the votes,
Mayotte's status changed in 2001, becoming very similar to a French department although the Comores' revenge did not end yet.

Since 31 March 2011, due to a referendum approved with the 95,2% of the votes Mayotte is a French Department.

Located 12°S and 13°S in between, Mayotte is a volcanic island, not tall indeed surrounded by the coral reef. The population is of abt. 200.000 people and the most part of them are muslims. The official language is French.

From a ham radio point of view Mayotte (FH prefix for OM who live on the island and TO special prefix for expedions) is not considered at the top of the most wanted. The last survey says that the ranking is 116 (much lower than....Navassa, North Korea or Yemen....! but more requested than) and activations have been yearly made by OM mainly coming from Europe but Brazilian OM lately activated Mayotte too. A few OM live on the island anyhow.

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